Final Exam Part 1

Quantum Chemistry

Final Exam Part 1

This Jupyter notebook has problems related to the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. You can also access this notebook at syzygy or on binder. External to McMaster, you can use binder or this alternative syzygy link.

Sometimes the above links for syzygy and/or binder may fail because you have existing files in your directory that conflict with the files that are being downloaded and nbgitpuller can’t figure out how to merge the disparate copies. In this case, possible solutions are:

  1. Using one of the following links, you can directly download the file to the default location on your computer for downloaded files. However, one or both of these links may not work with all browsers depending on your security settings. You can also open the Jupyter notebook in your browser. On most machines and with most browsers, the above link will give you a raw JSON file that looks really nasty, but if you save it, it will be a well-formatted Jupyter notebook. You can also go to the “pretty” version of the Jupyter notebook, right-click on the “raw” button, and select “Save As” to download the file. Finally, after the file is downloaded, you can then open this file using or, or any other (e.g., local) installation of Jupyter.
  2. Manually pull in the file you want directly from Github. There are instructions about how to do this on the syzygy web site.
  3. Keep a directory with the “raw” files I post online, and then a “working” directory with the files you use. You can automatically download files into a reference directory by using the links for McMaster or elsewhere.

Turn in your notebook as the solution for this assignment on MSTeams. For information on how to turn in an assignment with Microsoft Teams, see the webpage.